10 Reasons Aries Are The Most Entertaining People To Be Around


Keep picking bad friends and lame romantic interests? Maybe it’s time to look to the star signs for a little guidance.

Aries are first up on the Zodiac calendar and are said to represent the raw energy of life. Intrigued? You should be. Aries are forced with which to be reckoned and have a reputation for being passionate and strong.

Just look at Aries celebrities Emma Watson, Keira Knightley and Paul Rudd — who wouldn’t want to be besties with them? Need more convincing as to why an Aries is a right choice for your next love interest or best friend?

Here are 10 reasons why you need an Aries in your life:

1. Aries Are Adventurous

Nothing to do on the weekend? Just dial an Aries; this sign is always down for something new. Aries and adventure go together like chips and dip; you almost can’t have one without the other.

An Aries will turn even the dullest family BBQ into a total riot (there’s a chance this person will have a flask hidden somewhere close by for emergencies like these). Although it might seem like fun and games, this adventurous streak can be detrimental to Aries’ health.

Aries are always on the search for more — more excitement, more adventure, the next thrill — but it doesn’t end there.

This drive leaks into most aspects of Aries lives, which results in some heavy, self-imposed pressure to succeed and to do so at a rapid pace. Such pressure can take its toll.

2. We Radiate Positivity

Aries are naturally positive souls. This energy means it’s easy for them to slide into almost any social setting effortlessly. Things are rarely awkward for them, which is a benefit if you’re their plus-one.

The downside of being super positive is when things don’t go as planned. For Aries, this can be a huge blow. It’s depressing and upsetting, and usually, they blame themselves for things not turning out as planned.

3. Not Only Are Aries Positive, but Also Optimistic

Most Aries seem to have unknowingly mastered the ability to walk that fine line between encouragingly optimistic and overbearingly optimistic. So, come to us for a little faith boost! It makes for a great friendship balance if your star sign tends to expect the worst.

The thing is, this optimism doesn’t always extend to the self. They’d never ask for it, and it’s hard to tell, but Aries will appreciate a little encouragement from friends every now and then.

4. Aries Are Loyal

Aries are fiercely loyal. They won’t tear down friends or divulge their secrets. I highly recommend you don’t offend, hurt, cross or complain about an Aries’ friends, either; otherwise, it’s game on. This is where the ram in an Aries comes out.

The loyalty can get them in trouble, though, and often, they stay in friendships, relationships and jobs longer than they should.

5. We Are Straightforward (Like An Arrow).

It’s like the cliché, “Honesty is the best policy.” Aries don’t lie (probably because they are terrible at it).

The only time they aren’t being straightforward is when they feel they can’t say no for fear of upsetting someone. But, an Aries will always try, to be honest in a way that doesn’t upset or offend (i.e. “Maybe you should try on this dress instead…”).

Friends of an Aries shouldn’t worry about backstabbing or bitching. They avoid it like the plague; they don’t indulge in it and don’t like being around it. Simple.

6. Aries Are Extremely Independent

An Aries won’t call you at 3 am, begging for a lift home or asking to crash at your place for one night (then end up living on your sofa). They tend to be the lower-maintenance friend and lover.

They are used to fending for themselves, and they like it that way. This also means when they do need a helping hand, they won’t ask for it, so their friend and partners may have to be a little intuitive. And, just a head’s up, it will take more than one offer of help for an Aries to accept.

7. We Are Trustworthy (Trust Me)

It’s not easy to find someone with whom you can share your deepest, darkest secrets, or even your iPhone password. Being trusted is a natural high for an Aries. Not only are they trustworthy, but also very trusting.

They assume friends and lovers will treat them as they treat others, which often isn’t the case. Aries usually have a collection of stories about being taken advantage of, backstabbed or let down.

8. Aries Are Generous With Others, Yet Stingy With Themselves

Aries are sensible with money, which makes them great savers. Not to be confused with being cheap, and Aries won’t hesitate to loan friends and family money, time, space or items whenever asked.

But, they’d much rather give a gift, and they tend to feel uncomfortable when on the receiving end. An Aries won’t think twice about spending money on the people he or she loves, but spending it on him or herself is a completely different story.

Sometimes, just buying the essentials can feel like treating him or herself — Aries’ tend to stick with the bare minimum.

9. Aries Are Ambitious

Because Aries’ are always striving for more — to do more, be more, see more — their enthusiasm for life can be contagious. But, the ambitions can be a personal health hazard. The bigger the ambition, the further the goal is from the present.Aries are impatient and like to be in constant, forward motion.

10. Aries Are a Combination of the Above Traits

I’m not tooting my own Aries horn here, but this combo means there is a good chance once you’re friends with an Aries, you’ll be friends for life.

Like any star sign, of course, we do come with a list of not-so-redeeming qualities: We are set in our ways and sometimes are unwilling to compromise our beliefs, ideals, and ideas.

Also, we can be impatient, impulsive and moody. (Hey, there’s a reason we’re a fire sign.) Regardless, Aries have a lot to offer in the realm of life and love. Whether you’re looking for a romantic interest or a reliable friend to add value to your life, look no further than someone born in the cycle of Aries.




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