Six Word Motto: Play With Fire, You Get Burned


Fire is a ruling sign of Aries. And it is shown in their personality very well.

Aries are the true depiction of their ruling sign and planet.

Fire being a ruling sign of Aries shows both positive and negative effects on Aries. As positive beings, Aries are strong, Fierce and passionate. When talking about negativity they are short tempered, leave things in the middle, bossy and destructive.

Talking about Aries we can surely say that you play with the fire and you will get burned in both positive and negative sense.

Positively taking, Aries do have the ability to take you high with them in challenges, tasks, life and love.

They can make you do things according to their will without even letting you know. They can literally take you high with them to show you the horizon.

Aries are daring and you can take rides with them fearlessly because they are not going to let you fall down. And they will hold you in all aspects to ensure your safety.

In bed, Aries are fire no doubt. No one can be as good in sexuality as Aries are. You just touch the fire and you will get burned in every possible way. They will satisfy the fire in your belly with all their sex expertise and innovations. They are creative in bed and lovemaking also. Aries know how to extract all the pleasure from seconds spend together.

So play with this fire on the bed and feel the heat. Aries will sexually please and their sex expertise is going to show you next levels of intimacy and pleasure.

When talking about negative traits of Aries, we know they are jealous, bossy and destructive sometimes.

No one can dare to do them harm. They act like raging fire when hurt. They are short tempered and get angry easily. Though they calm easily and quickly too but their anger is something that one should fear.

They will be angry at one moment and calm at other one but in an angry moment they will literally burn down everything without realizing the loss they can face.

Never ever try to ditch Aries because they can’t hold failure caused by others. They will attack you to satisfy their revenge. Aries don’t let their enemies snatch happiness from them easily. They know exactly how to put them down on their knees and make them ask for mercy.

So next time you want to play with this fire, put your safety belts on.