Ten Great Things About Aries


How do you shine? If your Sun sign is Aries, you shine like a fiery meteor passing through. Your light burns bright for short blasts at a time. You are radiant, passionate and an inspiration to others.

01. You’re Not Hiding Anything.


You’re trustworthy because you hold nothing back. You are open about what you like and don’t like, so nobody has to guess. When you’re angry, you don’t let it fester, you let it out. You don’t usually have ulterior motives. You mean what you say, and say what you mean. And that’s an awesome quality!

02. You’re Forever Young.


Your natural vitality and faith in life keeps you young at heart. You’re at your most alive when trying new things, and challenging yourself to go beyond the tried and true. Image: Emma Thompson (Aries) and her husband Greg Wise (Taurus), who is 7 years her junior.

03. Your Passion Makes You Sexy.

MELBOURNE – MARCH 20: Actor Heath Ledger and girlfriend/actress Naomi Watts march in an anti-war rally to protest against any military action against Iraq March 20, 2003 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Shannon Morris/Getty Images)

You’ve got charisma coming out the yin yang. Your warmth is like the Spring Sun returning after a long cold winter. Image: Heath Ledger (Aries) and Naomi Watts (Sagittarius), at an anti-war rally in March 2003, Melbourne, Australia.

04. You Are Courageous!

You go where angels fear to tread, often because you don’t see the dangers. The act of doing it builds your confidence, and makes you feel alive. You know it’s your mission in life to act despite the fear.

05. You’re The Alpha.

You’re an alpha male or alpha female of the pack. You believe in yourself, and that makes others believe in you, too. You know how to fake it ’til you make it. You’re a natural born leader.

06. You Inspire.

Your passion to simply be alive, to say, “I Am” is inspiring to be around. It’s your presence that’s the gift, and the way you go after what you want in life. You are a role model because you don’t just talk about it — you do it.

07. You’re Dangerous.

OK, this one can get out of hand. But it’s thrilling to be around you because you’re so raw, real and…sometimes rough. Being with you is not for the faint of heart. Your strong will provokes others. Without meaning to, you often help others be more courageous, as they try to rise to meet the challenge of “You.” Image: Russell Crowe

08. You’ve Got Street Smarts.

You just know things. It comes from the gut instinct. This scares people that like to beat around the bush. Or those that are afraid to see what’s going on. You save a lot of time by getting to the heart of a matter. You’ve got a naturally honest mind — you tell it like it is.

09. You’re A Riot.

You’re raucous and rowdy — you’re loud and proud. You wake people up when you walk into a room. You comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Your presence has a big impact!

10. You Believe In New Beginnings.

You shine most brightly when everything is new. You’re the ultimate come back kid, because you meet each phase of life as a chance to start over. You don’t carry baggage from the past, and that helps you stay light and optimistic about the future.

Source : www.thoughtco.com