There’s Something About Aries Women


Passionate Scarlett

When describing the Aries woman, astrologers often drop the name of the fictional Scarlett O’Hara. How can we forget her response to Rhett Butler after he carries her southward from a burning Atlanta and professes his love — she slaps him and tells him she “hopes a cannonball lands slap on him.” Scarlett breathes Aries fire, propelled by a ferocious instinct for survival, for which she is both scorned and admired.

With the Sun now in Aries, it’s a good time to celebrate the warrior women among us, and our own fighting spirit. Aries women have been pioneers in their fields like Sandra Day O’Connor and Billie Holliday. Saucier Aries dames could not have been found than in the Golden Age divas Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Today’s Hollywood torch bearers include Reese Witherspoon, Kiera Knightley and the honorary Aries Angelina Jolie (she’s a Gemini but with many Aries planets). Two real-life Aries celebrities got the chance to play one on TV — Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy the Vampire (not Dragon) Slayer and Jennifer Garner in Alias.

The Aries-ruled woman acts, rather than reacts to those around her. To behold such an autonomous and aggressive woman is to be awestruck, but it’s also provocative by its very nature. She often has to fight external and internal battles to be as big and dynamic as she really is.

So, if you see a smoldering ember of the initiatory spirit in yourself or a girl friend, sister, mother, etc., go ahead and fan the flames.

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