They will never admit to it but Aries like to be dominated by a strong partner


Aries are strong and passionate people and deal things with courage. Strength is something positively related to Aries. They themselves are strong and secretly admire and desire a strong partner in their life. Aries will never admit to it but they like to be dominated by a strong partner.

We all know Aries love freedom and being independent. In fact they can never compromise their freedom on any thing.They will do what ever is needed to break the chains but who doesn’t want pampering.

Aries hate being perceived as weak but some times they too need a shoulder to cry on. And all they need is some one who can hide them in his/her arms.

In their down times they need someone so strong, who can handle Aries well. Yeah we know Aries will never admit it that deep in their heart there lies a child but they are humans like us.

Aries don’t want people to pity on them so they will never ever show their weakness infront of anyone but what is true love for? Listen to their unsaid whispers and pay attention to their tantrums.

They might need you. Hold them close and trust us they will love it. They may try to deny it openly but yes they do like to be dominated by a strong partner.

In love relationship, other than emotional support and talking specifically about sex we all know that Aries are the dominant ones but who knows what is deep in their heart. For those who think chains are not meant for Aries, try those chains in bed and see how an Aries will fall in your lap.

Aries love diverse sexual experiences so sometimes they like to be dominated by a strong partner who can bring out extreme pleaures and intimacy between the sheets. Be the one and they will forever be yours 😉