TOP 10 Aries Characteristics


There are certain characteristics common to people born under a particular star sign. Every person is unique but with the help of astrology we can predict the common traits, patterns, behaviors and personality. Exploring our own and our loved ones zodiac signs is not only fun but also useful to understand better ourselves and people around us.

The first sign of the zodiac cycle Aries is one of the 12 star signs. Ruling the skies between March 21 – April 20 (Wikipedia), people born under this sign are strong and powerful characters. Aries-born are very independent and generous.The typical Aries is easy to identify by their curious, energetic and enthusiastic personality. There is many more other traits, let’s see what is common to this star sign.
Let us know how accurate these traits you find, if you happen to be Aries.

1. Independent and Ambitious

Aries are very ambitious people and they do not like to take orders from others. They enjoy getting their way. They are confident and have a desire to be successful and powerful. One of the biggest qualities of the Aries people is that they are go-getters. They never feel stressed until their work is done. This moves their professional growth and success forward.

2. Generous

Aries are caring and generous, always look out for their loved ones and go the extra mile for their family and friends. Even though people often accuse them of being self-centred sometimes and neglectful, Aries are enthusiastic about helping other people. Often they have an unusual way of showing it, which is part of their independent nature.

3. Optimistic

Like every fire signs, Aries is very optimistic and enthusiastic. They are very good at encouraging friends with their natural positivity. They are known for being happy, energetic, sometimes naive and free spirited.

4. Enthusiastic and Confident

Aries are full of energy and enthusiasm which is not likely to run out sooner. Their enthusiasm comes from the heart, from the drive for freedom and independence, and a tendency to act alone. They want to succeed and so Aries tend put too much pressure on themselves.

5. Courageous and Energetic

With their assertive energy, like that of a warrior Aries moves forward even when the going gets tough. They are daring and are capable of achieving everything they believe. They do not like wasting much time analyzing the consequences. Aries follow their dreams and goals. If they have a business idea that makes them excited they will plunge right in.

6. Leader

Due to their courage, confidence and straightforward approach they have all what it takes to become good leaders. In fact, Aries people are born to be some great leaders. They are always eager for action and like to take up the leadership spontaneously. With their magnetic personality they bring excitement into others lives and thus entice them to follow their lead.

7. Short-tempered

Aries are both impulsive and impatient, and thus many times they don’t think through situations to arrive at a decision. Aries can turn to be quite childish when confronted, fighting back with their aggressive nature. This energy of Aries makes them unpredictable, just like fire. Facing obstacles and criticism is usually what triggers their fiery temper.

8. Versatile

Their adventurous nature and enthusiasm towards new things make Aries versatile. They are often the ones who try out new things in life and venture out into the world leave impressions on others that they are exciting, vibrant and talkative.

9. Dominant and Stubborn

Aries like if things work the way they want it and tend to get dominant at times. Because they are stubborn in their nature they are often not open to other’s suggestions and would do what they think is right.

10. Passionate and Adventurous

With their huge determination and excitement Aries can move forward with great zeal. Indomitable energy and persistence are the characteristics that mark Aries. They love adventurous sports and tend to live adventurous life. Aries can get very passionate about things they are interested in, be it a relationship or a project.

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