15 of the Truest Trait of an Aries Woman


rue and True I am an Aries Woman and I can easily describe my self-according to an Aries description. A ram is what we are and that is the least of it. We are strong, independent woman who can’t seem to ever hold back in an argument.

Confident, fiery, bold and spontaneous are just a few words to describe us Aries Women. With our bold personalities we don’t take no for an answer and our motivation and independencies push us to do anything we put our mind too. As an Aries woman I relate to the many characteristics that Aries are defined as and I hope my other Aries Women can relate too!

1.  Loyal…If were with you were in for the long hall. We are very committed, the ride or die kind of person.

2. Leader…If you’ve ever heard of the statement “don’t be a follower be a leader” you are probably hearing it form an Aries. We always strive to be the ones others follow.

3. Stubborn…It’s our way or the highway and if it’s not our way you will certainly hear about it.

4. Independent…Strong and independent are two of the best qualities of an Aries woman, we don’t need anybody to achieve our goals we are perfectly fine on our own.

5. Competitive…Loosing isn’t in our vocabulary.

6. Ambitious…We strive to be successful in everything that we do and we will do anything to achieve that success.

7. Blunt…Bold, straightforward, and belligerent are just a few words to describe the Aries woman. If we have something to say we are going to say it and were very sorry in advance if it was too much.

8. Selfish…It’s our world your just living in it is the daily thought process of an Aries Woman.

9. No Fear…We strive to accomplish everything in our lives this is what leads to the fearless side of us, we will do anything to accomplish everything we want.

10. Aggressive…One of the worst qualities of an Aries Woman, we can at times be the in your face kind of person that most people hate and some people love.

11. Childish…I may be a 21 year old but deep down I feel like a 5 year old little girl. This side of an Aries is either a plus or a minus. We love to have fun and at times this can come off very childish and unappealing.

12. Bossy…Let’s just say you never want to do a group project with and Aries Woman.

13. Loving…We love with all our hearts and nothing less, we love our friends and family more than you know.

14. Motivated…If we have a goal we won’t stop until that goal is achieved, we set our minds to something and stop at nothing.

15. Spend Thrift…The worst trait of an Aries Woman, as fast as we receive money we spend it. We believe in the concept that money grows on trees and hopefully one day we will realize that in fact is a lie.
Source : www.hercampus.com