Twelve Tips for (Everybody) in the Season of Aries



01. Trust Your Creative Impulses

Are you holding yourself back from self-expression? Do you have this idea that you’ve got to be in some bardo of preparation before you start? If you’re holding back because you’re not “ready,” this is a good month to just do it.The southern writer Flannery O’Conno was an early Aries (March 25th). On facing the creative moment, she wrote to her good friend, “I draw the line at any kind of research and even object to looking up words in the dictionary.”

And yet, that doesn’t mean it was easy for her. She’s also been quoted as saying, “I suppose half of writing is overcoming the revulsion you feel when you sit down to it. All through the middle section of this last novel I had to wade through tides of revulsion every day.” This is a great month to face whatever comes up when you’re in the moment of creating the new. Aries evokes in us the confidence, courage and belief in the self to not try, but do.

02. Give A Lusty Look

“Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell.” Joan Crawford (March 23). This is the season when you can get away with more overt flirting. Aries is a blunt, no frills sign that enjoys the pursuit of love. A look at quotes on love from Aries men and Aries women shows a lack of sentimentality and ballsy attitude about getting what they want.

Aries embodies the primal fires, and it just is, with no apologies. If you’re feeling it, in love with all of life, you might just happen to cast a hungry glance at someone. It can be a time of higher vitality and sex drive. This opens the door to more sex, which can take the edge off all the stress we’re dealing with these days.

03. Be Uncomplicated

Aries is simple and direct. It’s facing each moment as if it’s the first. Try experimenting with the freedom of not knowing this month. Rob Brezsny of Free Will Astrology encouraged his readers to liberate themselves from the need to know. He wrote, “Today’s sacred mantra is “I don’t know.” Use it as a source of power, a declaration of independence from the pressure to have an opinion about every subject. It’s fun to say. Try it: “I don’t know.”

Empty your mind and fill your heart: “I don’t know.” Use it as a battle cry, a joyous affirmation of your oneness with the Great Mystery: “I don’t know.” And here’s a good one from painter Vincent Van Gogh (March 30). “For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”

04. Wear Something Red

Colors like fire-engine red and scarlet match the invigorating energies of Aries. It’s a color that arouses passion and vitality. It’s a daring choice. Go ahead and use it as an accent in your everyday style, or design choices at home. As an accessory, it can give you a lift if you’re feeling washed out or tired.

I got married on April 14th, which means I have an Aries marriage, as far as Sun signs go. When I read about the Aries marriage in April Elliot Kent’s Star Guide to Weddings, it made so much sense. I chose red roses for my wedding colors, and for awhile we had a red down comforter. Early on in our marriage, we were living in a red school bus at a place called Red Gate Farm!

Which areas of your life could use some red?

05. Face A Fear

Aries is about going beyond the comfort zone. And that scares many of us. The act of going beyond the known means losing our footing temporarily. Those with strong Aries in their charts thrive on this forward-leaning stance. Many Aries, in fact, walk briskly and tilted forward with head first.

This is a good month to face fears of moving into new ground. This might mean having that confrontation with someone that is a long time coming. This usually upsets the balance, and things are never the same, but it’s made real and fresh again. A new equilibrium can be established that’s based on greater authenticity. What are of your life brings up fear? Is it the right time to feel the fear and do it anyway?

06. Take The Road Less Traveled

Aries is admired because it’s a sign that cares not what others think (or at least makes a good show of it). This self-directed attitude helps Aries go after what s/he really wants. When the Sun is in Aries, you’re able to be more self-centered in your decisions. It may help you make that step you’ve wanted to, but that you know will rock the world of those in your life.

For example, I once left a secure (with benefits) job with Associated Press to go find myself in San Francisco. Nobody, I repeat, nobody thought it was a good idea. Except for me. And that’s why I feel deep satisfaction thinking of it because I did it on my own authority. That’s Aries, and that’s why it’s a month for strong, going against the grain decisions that your gut tells you is right.

07. Be Forever Young

Aries’ archetype is the youth, alive and restless to satisfy a lust for life. The Aries fresh start doesn’t just happen when we’re chronologically young. There are cycles of life that feel like new beginnings, and yearly, when the Sun is in Aries. Do what makes you feel young and “on fire.” With it, comes a touch of defiance, and will to live your own way.

Some ideas:

Listen to music that takes you there.
Revive a hobby or interest from your youth.
Dare to say No to a social obligation that has no life for you.
Hang with an inspired crowd.
Tell off a bully.
Dare to tell the truth.
Don’t be phony and pretend you like someone or something when you don’t.
Don’t make nice, if you’re not ready to.
08. Act In The Moment

Things heat up when the Sun is in fiery Aries. And Aries rules hot spots like forges, open fires, furnaces, chimneys, ovens and the barby. Looking at the forge example, when it’s hot, even the thickest metal can be shaped into something new. We’ve got an older friend who is a farrier/blacksmith, and his motto is “Never beat cold steel.”

So Aries is a sign of acting on the spot, when the situation is hot, and that has its own magic. A good example is an invitation at a moment’s notice, to do something fun. You know the saying, “strike while the iron is hot.” It takes trust in yourself to act on your impulses, and follow their momentum. But when you do, it takes you further, faster than when you take a wait and see attitude. In what areas can you stand to be more spontaneous? What keeps you from acting on opportunities when they come up?

09. Kick Some Arse

Aries rules the combative sports like martial arts and boxing. And this month, your fighting spirit is activated. It’s a good time to take boxing at the local gym or hang a punching bag to work out frustrations. It’s cathartic and a way to release the desire to beat somebody up. And knowing a few defensive moves could save your life someday.

The martial arts emphasize the mental as much as the physical, which is something that satisfies the sharp-minded currents of Aries. You learn to use the weight or motion of your opponent to win.


10. Strengthen Your Core

In yoga, the third chakra is called manipura which means personal power. It’s the spinning wheel of energy at the solar plexus that we can tap into to feel more empowered in our lives. The dreaded abs work strengthen the core, and so does “consciously pulling the energy of the body into the midline,” something my yoga teacher says.

I have to admit that this is a mystery to me, and a weak point for me in class. It’s strengthening the core and becoming more empowered in all areas of life. So working on the core is one of my personal goals for the month.

I also like yogastrology’s recommended pose for the Aries month. Since Aries rules the head, and so many of us need to let go of the crazy thoughts, it’s savasana also known as corpse pose. Yes, lying down and being still, as a strong act for our health when so many of us are stressed and sleep-deprived. That’s my favorite pose, so it sounds good to me!

11. Go Play Outside

As a kid, we used to play outside and lose all track of time. We’d come home breathless, with a ring of sweat at the hairline and flushed faces from all the activity. This is the healthy look of Aries.

Don’t be afraid to break a sweat. It helps flush out the toxins and the movement brings oxygen to the blood. The heat of Aries comes from the inside out, helping us overcome the stagnant, heavy vibe of winter. It’s a good time to get out and get moving!

12.Be Courageous

The spirit of Aries is doing battle with demons, both real and imagined. It’s a great month to win your own self-respect by doing something courageous. This means something different to each person. For you, it might mean coming out of hermit mode to make a new real friend. For a very social person, it might mean daring to spend more time alone, to go within.

It’s a good time to say Yes to life in your own way. It means saying Yes to whatever expands your world, or boosts the old confidence.

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