What Type of Women Do Aries Men Like?


Aries are very demanding people when it comes to relationships. When we say what type of women do Aries men like? or what they want specifically in a relationship than keep in your mind that they need it all like a greedy fox. In relationship they crave love, care, attention, honesty and sex at equal amount.

Aries are strong by birth and have undeniable leadership qualities that is why they are always high in demand. But when it comes to Aries man that what they seek in their lady love? and what type of women our Aries want?

We would simply answer an “exceptional lady”.

Aries men are attracted toward charming ladies and one who can keep things interesting for them. Our ram knows how to keep a lady happy and satisfied romantically. If you want an Aries male in your life try to be goddess of love and romance.

Aries are attracted towards beauty at first but a lady must be lively and fun loving also. Aries don’t want to get bored in relationship and they actually can not keep relationships with people who don’t provide them with opportunities to live, laugh and love.

A lady also needs to be intelligent enough to be with our Ram or he will say goodbye to shallow ones.

Aries demand change in life. They are adventurous by nature and being the alpha male of zodiacs, they want to enjoy the serenity and colour of life and. Nothing can stop Aries to achieve what they demand in life.

Our Ram is very confident and have fiery passion. A woman who cannot keep up with their energy levels and their demand of adventure in life, can never get a place in their heart

What kind of Traits Aries Men Look for in a Woman?

Aries are not very easy to catch as a partner. They have high standards and unless one passes them, they will not allow further improvements in relationship.

Our Ram is competitive and see love as an interesting game. So a woman need to give them a quest to play those love game.

The harder a lady is difficult to chase, the more our Ram will want her in his life.

Aries have guts to say directly about their feelings on your face. So of he has set his eyes on you, chances are he will get you. Sooner or later you have to fall in his charm but before that, you need to make things interesting and worth following.

Being loving, charming and broad minded person, our Ram has ability to attract any woman they want.

A woman if chased by Aries, should make the quest interesting by inserting different trips to Adventure ride. Ram do not like woman who can easily be chased and catched. They want classy diva who is worth fighting for and who can give them tough times.

Even if you want an Aries as much as they want you, don’t show yourself “available”. Or he will get bored of you.

As far as you will remain a thing of interest to him, he will keep chasing you, no matter what.

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Be Unpredictable

Aries men like women who are not easy to get. A lady who is transparent in her feelings don’t appeal our Aries men. They love to solve the hidden mysteries so present yourself as a treasure and they will love winning you after a quest.


A passionate lady attracts Aries man like a magnet. A lady who is passionate enough to achieve what she desires is dream girl for our Ram who loves to play with danger. Only a passionate lady can keep Aries man’s life thrilling and interesting.


Freedom is something that our Aries man can’t compromise on. It gives them feeling of strength and being dependent is like being weak to them.
If you want an Aries man to chase you, you need to be very independent and self sufficient. An independent lady is like strong diva that our ram cannot resist.

In general, our Aries men want a type of woman who can become their true partner in terms of love, life and success. If they will get lady of their dreams than two of them will flourish together and will see best of their future.