How to Use and Abuse an Aries


“Aries turns women into men and men into monsters” (from the Book of Aries). Does that sound harsh? Aries are tools in the best sense of the word, pioneers, explorers, adventurers, buccaneers. Arians want and asked to be used, some for some noble purpose, others, out of sheer restlessness. For some, for every need, there is a greed.
Aries wants to be first at something; wants to be on top and wants the glory. It’s so simple; Aries are like a hammer, designed for driving nails and not much else. Deng Ming-Dao’s I Ching describes elemental fire: As a hand grabs for a snared bird, So we snatch at the winged fire We cage it in our forge and kiln We use it in our hearth and stove, We may trap it But we never tame it,

Aries is the use-of-fire, and we can incite and contain Aries behavior, but never the fire that lives inside them. This is why Aries is all over the map emotionally; to be spread that thin makes for a brittle ego and sensitive skin. Conversely, the main complaint of those who love hate or just deal with an Aries, is their utter insensitivity to your ego and your pain.

Aries doesn’t care., if fact, they have contempt for pain, until it hits them. The Mars inside Aries make them macho men, women and children.

Aries are not afraid of hurting people; they are afraid of losing. It’s easy to see why gambling has such a fascination for Aries, their lives are sometimes a high-stakes risk, and their fates sometimes fall in the hands of the gods.

Aries will offer themselves as a tool to whichever magistrate or mafia has the highest credentials; they respect power and its trappings. If success doesn’t come quickly and decisively, Aries becomes disgruntled with the cynicism of a mutinous soldier; they go into a mercenary, assassin mode.
Yet there’s this other, very vulnerable side to the Aries warrior, as if we can catch them occasionally without their battle armor, Ming-Dao says:

For all its strength it cannot stand

it perches like a shaking bird—

just as thinking cannot be freed

from what we hear and what we see,

what we know comes from

eyes, nose, ears, mouth, touch.

Aries only knows what it can feel with its senses. Aries gets a visceral message that changes as they put you to the test of combat. To know Aries is to fight with them, on some level. In that way, too, they hammer you, honing and tempering you as a warrior-mate.

Fighting is what they are good at, and what works for them. It fits into their obtusely-chosen lifestyles well, and they NEVER regret anything they do in the heat of the moment. Aries is unapologetically committed to winning, at all costs. losers are beneath contempt, unless they are crippled.

Aries will be the center of attention, by hook or crook. They will stop at nothing to upstage others. Aries is so fiery their heads and groins are hot; they thrive at a higher frequency; fast decision making is what they like. Quick and full speed ahead. No Aries ever gives anyone slack. This fire will not linger long without fuel, so enjoy the love of an Aries while it is hot.

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