Who Should Aries Marry?


When talking about relationships, everyone is curious about where to hook up the horns of this Ram? Aries have magical persona and can easily trap anyone in their charisma. But who should Aries marry? is a whole another level. 

When specifically saying “marriage” we are actually talking about long term commitment. And Aries fear nothing more than long term relationships because they think it will chain them in cage and they can’t leave when they need to. So who should Aries marry? The decision must be taken wisely and only when needed in life.

Aries are compatible with Sagittarius , Aquarius,  GeminiLeo and other Aries. These zodiacs have qualities that can best match with Aries. Otherwise Aries may not succeed in having a fulfilling and satisfying relationship and may try to break the chains.  Other than zodiacs

For personal traits Aries should marry someone who can value

Understanding Between Partners

Aries are free souls wandering here and there and they want to share relationships only with those who can understand their state of mind. With same understanding level they can achieve a happy relationship together.


For Aries, Freedom is never something to be compromised on.  So their partners should never ever try to chain them or bind them with unnecessary demands and wishes.


Aries are people who are totally opposite in love vs.  While flirting. In love Aries are most loyal and honest people. They value love and consider it as base of any relationship.  So we think arrange marriages are not an Aries thing and neither they should go for it.


Loyalty is royalty and Aries knows the worth. Betrayal is a big no for them.  They can kill someone or get killed themselves for the sake of loyalty. Aries can handle anything but not dishonesty.  Its a heart break for them and they can’t handle it at all. Aries need and demand honesty in a relationship.

Peace of Mind

Aries are comfortable only with people who understands them and can give them a peace of mind.  Aries should marry only who can value their values and can support their thought processes. If Aries can get a partner who can value and understand these things they should instantly tie a bond together. And trust us it will be the most amazing couple that people will ever see.